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Why Us?

Basic financial planning principles apply to us all but every one of our clients is different and with each we agree a bespoke plan for life. Life’s journey throws up all sorts of challenges, the consequences all too often affecting our finances, and so the plan is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you stay on track. Nobody plans to fail financially but so many of us fail to plan. We do our best to ensure our clients don’t fail to plan.

Whether you are just starting out looking to create capital and protect a young family or looking to preserve capital and protect assets as you head towards retirement, we can lessen the load and help you achieve your financial objectives.

Many young people don’t rush out to buy pensions, investments or insurance. Such action flies against our usual instinct of buying something tangible that brings immediate benefit; a meal in a restaurant, a holiday, a new car-yes, but pensions, investments and insurance?

Rarely are we excited by the prospects of putting money aside for intangible and longer-term benefits; income in retirement, savings for the future, protection for our families-yes, but later. We all recognise these needs but for many of us it is all too easy to defer and push them down the list of financial priorities as we believe time is on our side. For those more advanced in years with some planning in place, many do not regularly review old arrangements to ensure that they are still fit for purpose or planning is adequate. Such action is likely to cause discomfort and expose what we may already suspect; perhaps fewer restaurant meals, holidays and new cars could have resulted in more for tomorrow. Many at this stage of life will have realised that we might delay, but time will not.

For better disciplined individuals, planning elements can be achieved alone but rarely are adequate provisions made. For those less disciplined, and even for those that are disciplined, more can be achieved working together with our client relationship managers (CRM) and independent financial advisers (IFA).

Our IFAs have whole of market access and are not tied to any one company. Each adviser is qualified and expert in their field. During your financial journey with us you are likely to meet specialists in investment, protection and mortgages, all there to advise and guide you. But advice alone is not enough; we believe that to know and not to act, is not to know. Therefore, our key objective is to develop trust with clients so that they take the advice given; essential to this is our CRM who is appointed to each client. The CRM establishes a clearer vision of your financial future, clarifies priorities and introduces the appropriate adviser; working with the advisory team the CRM will agree your bespoke plan and ensure you stay on track.

How We Deliver Advice

Since 2007, we have operated a telephone-based advice service alongside our more traditional face-to-face model. This was introduced in anticipation of the market’s direction and its unintended consequence of what has subsequently been referred to as the ‘advice gap’.

Our continuing objective remains the provision of affordable, accessible and most importantly independent advice to all. These more cost-effective, streamlined and accessible services are designed to increase client engagement and confidence in dealing with financial advice.

In part, we achieve this by making your information more readily available via our client portal and with regular contact with your dedicated CRM.

Whilst we believe that using technology to systemise as many of our processes as possible is essential, a hybrid approach of humans working alongside fully automated client journeys is the key to our successful engagement with clients.

Our challenge is to continually improve client experience with streamlined technology embedded in our business and to ensure real professional CRMs and IFAs are readily available.

Working together your CRM and IFA will:

  • draw out a clearer vision of your financial future borne out of experience with clients from all age groups and unique circumstances.
  • help understand options around longer term issues e.g. retirement, estate planning, rather than just the here and now.
  • tease out financial needs that have not yet been considered.
  • maintain an ongoing watching brief on the markets, legislative changes, clients’ circumstances-all can impact on previous advice and expected outcomes; the right advice today, does not make it the right advice tomorrow.
  • assistance establishing financial needs and clarifying priorities-you may be able to satisfy all needs or, as is often the case, you may need to prioritise some over others.
  • establish your attitude to risk-understanding what risk means to you is critical to investment decisions. And perhaps most important of all is protection-if the we get it wrong the you can seek compensation; there is no protection if you have self-advised.

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